In October 2022, we held our first ever Future of Science Student Conference. Held at Sci-Tech Daresbury, the home of XCellR8, the only vegan laboratory in the world, the event allowed A-level science students to learn more about new approach methodologies (NAMs). These cutting edge techniques are more human-relevant than animal experiments and the students learned how specialising in NAMs could help them future-proof their scientific careers. Young scientists who are considering a future in science can  be put off the research path by the thought of conducting experiments on animals.  The Future of Science student conference demonstrated that there are better, more humane, ways to conduct research and to have a rewarding and satisfying career. 

You may already have read about our collaboration with XCellR8 on their acute toxicology project. With funding from Animal Aid, they are developing a 100% animal-free and human-relevant laboratory test for acute toxicity, which is not only going to be better for humans but will also save many animals from being tortured and killed in the archaic LD50 test. This test currently involves giving animals increasing doses of a substance to see how much kills half (50%) of the animals. This test is not only cruel, it is very poor science. 

The conference was an excellent opportunity for students to learn about the future of science,  to listen to the expertise of prominent scientists, working in both regulatory and commercial sectors and to ask questions and immerse themselves in this exciting topic.

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