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Universities are often thought of as being at the forefront of scientific enquiry, with world-class research conducted in pursuit of life-saving knowledge. Sadly, some universities, far from embracing the future of science, are still conducting archaic and scientifically unreliable animal experiments.

Animal experiments are extremely cruel to animals, both in how the animals are kept and also in what is done to them during experiments. Animals in laboratories have little to no control over their lives – their food, their cage-mates, or anything else that is important to them, is selected by heartless researchers, and forced upon them. 

The information gathered from harming animals in laboratories is dangerous to humans. Because of how humans and animals are different, information from these experiments cannot be reliably translated to humans. 

Experiments conducted at universities are often categorised as basic research – usually ‘curiosity-led’ – meaning there is no legal obligation for the tests to be carried out. These experiments are conducted solely to satisfy the curiosity of a particular researcher.

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