In a particularly harrowing experiment at a university, baby mice were anaesthetised and held in metal frames whilst researchers opened their skulls and injected chemicals into their brains. The researchers inserted electrodes into the tiny animal’s necks and fixed devices onto their skulls. But the horror did not end here – following these disturbing surgical procedures, these mice were then suspended in the air by their tails, made to undergo ‘forced swimming tests’ for over 5-minutes at a time, forced to perform in ‘elevated maze’ tests – these elevated mazes being designed to exploit the natural fear rodents have of being in open and elevated spaces. Chillingly, they also had their vision artificially controlled, no doubt leading to confusion and further distress.

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The use of animals in experiments is not only extremely cruel to animals, but also dangerous to humans – with results being unreliable when translated into human health. Torturing and terrifying animals in the name of ‘science’ is simply not acceptable, it’s time for better science.